AFENET Nigeria, has in the last 12 years supported the Nigerian government in building strategic public health infrastructure (human resources for health, Monitoring and Evaluation system, laboratory capacity, financial systems among others). Concerning human resources for health, AFENET Nigeria has played a lead role in training lower, mid-level and advanced level public health workforce in veterinary, laboratory and medical areas. They have also supported training and strengthening of immunization officers at different levels that led to the improvements in the immunization services and contributed to the polio eradication in Nigeria. AFENET Nigeria has always played a pivotal role in all public health responses in Nigeria – Poliomyelitis, Lassa fever, Yellow fever, CSM, Measles, lead poisoning, monkey pox etc.

With the announcement of the SARS-COV-2 in January 2020, AFENET Nigeria partnered Nigeria Center for Disease Control in preparatory activities that culminated into the establishment of the Corona Virus Preparedness Group on January 7 2020. This was a multisectoral and multipartner group that help planned and executed preparedness activities to help the country respond to possible outbreak of the virus. The pre-incident action plan was developed for COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria, case definitions were developed and surveillance system was adapted to quickly detect any possible outbreak, the points of entry (POE) surveillance was instituted as part of an enhanced surveillance system to detect the disease. A simulation exercise was conducted on February 26-27, 2020 to test the level of preparedness of the system and further strengthen it. A case was however diagnosed on the second day of the simulation exercise.