• September 9, 2020
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  • Abut 300 NFELTP residents and graduates have been deployed to about 36 states
  • An NFELTP graduate is the secretary of the ministerial investigation team sent to investigate the excess mortalities in Kano, a densely populated city in Northern Nigeria                                                         
  • AFENET has worked with NCDC and other partners  – CDC, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, University College, London – to coordinate weekly epidemiologic review of available data-
  • To consider data quality issues in surveillance and laboratory
  • To monitor outbreak progress
  • To inform the national response strategies
  • Modelling and evidence synthesis 
  • Hotspot strategy
  • Dashboard and visualization with UNDP 
  • Provide technical support to the PTF in developing policies, guidelines and strategic direction.
  • The Deputy Incident Manager for the technical arm of PTF and the alternate leads for surveillance and Epidemiology functional pillar, as well as the laboratory pillar, are NFELTP fellows.
  • Facilitate monitoring of implementation of PTF recommendations across pillars, strategy reviews and data -driven, evidence-based decision making.
  • AFENET Staff and NFELTP fellows lead on daily PTF technical meetings and
  • provide daily information to the PTF National Coordinator to guide the overall national response.
  • Provide a linkage between NCDC surveillance unit and the PTF technical group
  • AFENET Staff and NFELTP fellows contributed to the development of the POI guidelines, contact tracing and monitoring guidelines, strategies for targeted intervention in the 20 high-burden LGAs, surveillance training materials for NCDC amongst others.
  • Primary Health Care
  • NFELTP graduates supported the development of materials, planning and implementation and evaluation of the largest virtual training intervention on COVID-19 in Nigeria – the NPHCDA COVID-19 preparedness and response training for PHC workers and community volunteers.
  • Graduates continue to provide technical support for optimizing service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.
  • SORMAS electronic data management system used for the first time during EVD outbreak of 2014 integrates case-based epidemiologic data, contact tracing data and laboratory data. AFENET Staff, NFELTP alumni and residents were deployed to several states to facilitate the implementation of this system
  • SORMAS data quality improvement by NCDC, AFENET and partners