Fiduciary Management


Key example is the management of NCDC revolving fund initiated by Resolve to Save Lives, Lassa Fever outbreak fund supported by BMGF, Lassa Fever Incidence Study Fund supported by Coliation for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), Dangote Foundation fund to support NCDC in Surveillance Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS), and CACOVID fund to support COVID-19 testing capacity in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital and Bayero University Kano. We have managed over 7.5 million US Dollars as a fiduciary agent.

Outbreak investigation fund Management (OIF)

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) endorsed by the key partners has been put in place to guide the utilization of the fund as well as the fund management and accountability.

AFENET’s role as a custodian and manager of the OIF is leveraged on robust internal financial and administrative mechanisms to ensure effective and efficient management of the fund and the level of trust built over years. The financial operation of AFENET Nigeria is conducted in line with best practices and Generally Accepted Accounting.

Principles (GAAP), International Public-Sector Reporting Standards and is also tailored to donors’ reporting standards. AFENET Nigeria has a structured Finance unit manned by many Chartered Accountants, and operates a SunSystems accounting software which ensures fast, reliable, efficient financial management, accountability and reporting. SunSystems is an internationally recognized fully integrated software application including financial and business management modules. It has capability to undertake multi-dimensional analysis, through extensive capture of business data, providing high levels of management information. All financial management is guided by the AFENET Finance Policy and Procurement manual and there is clear segregation of duties for all staff involved in handling the organization’s finances. We are also guided by Nigeria Financial regulations and have complied all Nigeria laws.  AFENET Nigeria has set up a special mechanism to be able to meet up to the rapid nature of the requests for funds disbursements and procurements to facilitate outbreak investigation activities. Because of the revolving nature of the fund, AFENET Nigeria office will coordinate with several partners who will contribute to the replenishment of OIF and has established special tracking mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability. AFENET Nigeria commits human resources as well as sufficient logistics to: 1) facilitate the immediate attention required to respond to NCDC’s requests for funds disbursement and for procurements for rapid initiation of outbreak investigations activities, 2) ensure analytical and consistent tracking of fund expenditures and inflows, 3) support coordination processes with partners for fund replenishment and 4) ensure timely financial reporting to all partners and to NCDC.