Mobilization of surge capacity and deployments of RRT Members

  • April 22, 2022
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  • 2 min read

AFENET supported the national EOC in identifying the required pool of trained epidemiologists, laboratorians, risk communicators, infection prevention and control experts, clinicians with requisite training in case management across all the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory. These special teams were sensitized, prepared and made ready for rapid deployment within 24-48 hours of reported cases of COVID 19 in any of the states. AFENET through the master list of trained workforce and in conjunction with other partners developed and maintained a database of trained health professionals, their specializations, contact details and states of residence.

A pre-deployment package was developed and administered on each RRT member, mobilize and deployed the RRT teams to state within 24-48 hours of reporting a confirmed case of COVID 19 working with the operations lead of the national EOC. Over 300 national RRT members have been deployed to 36 states and Federal Capital Territory to support preparedness and response activities. They were involved in case and cluster investigation, contact tracing and POE surveillance, laboratory support, case management, and risk communication. An additional 15 epidemiologists were deployed to 15 states for an extended period under the African CDC support to the Country. About 40 healthcare professionals (NFELTP residents) were deployed to Abuja and Lagos to support the surge in the evacuation of Nigerians stranded in other countries. They provided support to the surveillance and monitoring activities at the international points of entry.

An NFELTP graduate was the secretary of the ministerial investigative team sent to Kano state to investigate the excess mortalities in the densely populated northern city.