Data Management and SORMAS Support

  • April 22, 2022
  • admin
  • 2 min read

AFENET team formed the core team of the data analysts providing support to NCDC on daily data analysis. They produce daily data products for the surveillance, case management and IPC pillars of the national EOC. They also provide some data analysis support to National RRT teams at the subnational levels.

The team supported analysis for daily situation update and reporting during the presidential task force meetings on COVID-19. Major analysis included quantitative data and geospatial data analysis which were conducted daily to support the national EOC response to the pandemic.

The AFENET data team provided the preliminary data quality checks and initiated the data quality improvement process. The team members lead the review of the quality of data on the SORMAS platform and provided daily updates to the surveillance pillar while providing feedback to the SORMAS support persons in the states on a daily basis about gaps identified and possible solutions to addressing the key issues. This activity set the tone for the data quality improvement plan to improve the quality of data on SORMAS. AFENET supported the drafting and rolling out of the COVID-19 data quality improvement plan.

It was identified that there was a backlog of laboratory data that were not year captured on SORMAS hence constituting a major gap in data analysis and real time decision making. AFENET through the data management team provided support in terms of manpower and logistics for the data entry at the National Reference Laboratory to quickly capture all the backlog of surveillance and laboratory data collected on the SORMAS platform. These efforts contributed to the update of the quality of data on the SORMAS platform resulting in more data-driven decision making and planning.

In FCT, the AFENET data team supported