• March 24, 2018
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In continuation of our effort to improve on our services in ensuring we build and sustain systems thereby leading to efficient services, NSTOP conducted a two (2) day national training of trainers on leadership and management. The training which is aimed at building the capacity of Director Primary Health Care (DPHC) in leadership and management skills and in return strengthen the Primary Health Care (PHC) service delivery at the LGA level, will be cascaded in all NSTOP states. Speaking during the event, CDC Director of Immunization, Dr Bolu Omotaya, commended participants for availing themselves and facilitators for making out time to impact knowledge.

She also emphasized on the importance of monitoring and supervision as they are key leadership deliverables. AFENET country director, Dr Patrick Nguku also applauded the trainers and encouraged all to focus and put into practice what they have learnt. With experienced facilitators from US CDC and NSTOP, forty-six (46) participants were trained on leadership styles and management. As leaders, ability to influence the behavior of followers positively is key to success. To improve the health status of Nigerians especially those in the rural areas, strengthening of PHCs is pertinent. To ensure that the training captures all approaches to improve RI in the supported states, training sessions included time management, team functions, effective communication and conflict management.