Cohort 8 Clusters 3 & 4 didactic lectures

Cohort 8 residents had their Clusters 3 & 4 didactic lectures, during the 7th week , The following guest lecturers visited during the cluster

  1. Michelle Evering_Watley – taught: Teaching and Mentoring
  2. Dr. Daniel Duval (CDC Atlanta) – taught: Project Management; Process Improvement and Control; Change Management and CDC-Nigeria Global Health Security Agenda
  3. Abimbola Taiwo (CDC Atlanta)  – taught: Use and Methods of Economic Evaluation in Public Health; Sensitivity Analysis; Case Study on Constricting Decision Trees
  4. Nellie Mejia (CDC Atlanta)  – taught: Cost Analysis; Conducting an Economic Evaluation: Framing the Study
  5. Sampson Ezikeanyi (UNFPA, Abuja) – Interpreting Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Decision-Making, Case Study on Populating the Treer epository of research results should be developed for periodic discussions and reviews.
  1. Malaria Research Summit should be conducted periodically to deliberate on the repository of research results.
  2. The residents in various states should be adequately engaged by the State Malaria Elimination Programs in order to harness their capacities.
  3. Stakeholders at all levels especially The State Program managers should key into the malaria operational research agenda.


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Date Published : 2017-10-24 17:13:57


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