Frontline FETP update | Abia State, 7th – 11th August 2017

The US CDC, Nigerian CDC and AFENET are currently implementing the Frontline FETP program in Nigeria. This program is geared towards strengthening Nigeria’s capacity  in disease  surveillance, epidemiology  and outbreak response.
The objectives of this training include

  • Increase appreciation of the role of data among public health workers for monitoring the health of the community and for providing Information for decision making
  • Improve basic surveillance data collection and analysis, interpretation, and communication
  • Improve the quality and use of surveillance data for disease and outbreak detection
  • Improve the sharing and dissemination of health information
  • Improve response, including case investigation and outbreak investigation, to public health events

So far, a total of 855 disease surveillance officers, from 12 states have been trained.  While 103 officers from 2 States (Abia and Katsina States)  are still undergoing training. One hundred and thirty four (134) laptop computers have been issued.

                             Map of Nigeria highlighting States (Blue) that have so far been trained

Workshop 2 training for Abia State

Workshop 2 training for Abia State took place at the Royal Damgrete hotel Umuahia from the 7th to the 11th of August 2017, with 39 participants in attendance. During this workshop, participants gave oral presentations of their field work.

Topics taught include: outbreak investigation and response, linking the laboratory with surveillance, problem analysis, scientific presentations and the use of Microsoft excel and power point.

Learning outcomes were assessed using scores from daily quizzes and from the pre and posttest.Feedback on the training was assessed from participants responses to the evaluation questionnaires.
Conclusion: Workshop 2 training in Abia State was well attended. The learning outcome assessment showed marked improvement in learning




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