Cholera Outbreak Response in Zamfara State

Team Members
The NFELTP residents in conjunction with the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control are currently investigating Cholera Outbreak in Zamfara State, North-West Nigeria. The residents include Dr.  Bio Belu Abaye, Dr. Augustine Ikwu, and Dr. Folasade Fadare


  • Second meeting of the Cholera EOC held at King Fahad Women and Children's Hospital (KFWCH).
  • 3 LGAs affected by outbreak; Zurmi LGA most affected
  • 256 suspected cases, 21 deaths and 5 confirmed
  • Enhanced surveillance, case management support, advocacy and sensitization is currently on-going

Further plans include:

  • Incidence Manager (IM) to liaise with Zurmi LGA Chairman and communities to:
  • Urgently dig at least 3 protected wells in each affected community
  • Regulate the use of all existing and new water sources in all communities to minimize risk of contamination or spread of diseases
  • Provide pit latrines in appropriate locations in all communities
  • Make and enforce laws against open defaecation
  • Disinfect existing water sources (e.g. wells and boreholes) with chlorine
  • Teach communities simple water treatments e.g. filtration, boiling, etc.)
  • Carry out mass sanitation campaigns in communities
  • Supply water with tankers and storage tanks to communities
  • IM to liaise with military to transport and install available tents for use as temporary shelters for case management
  • To follow up UNICEF and SPHCDA(State Primary Health Development Agency )representatives for translation of IEC materials

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Date Published : 2017-08-07 11:06:59


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