Through various national programmes, AFENET Nigeria has contributed in strengthening government health systems and supported health programmes in Nigeria, especially at the Local Government levels.

it is imperative that the public health workforce be characterized by committed, well-prepared, skilled, and knowledgeable healthcare professionals. AFENET Nigeria strengthens the capacity of health officers at sub-national and national level through the NFELTP programme in Nigeria. Most NFELTP graduates have gone on to head state Ministries of Health and others become programme managers of various health interventions.Emphasis is placed on the following actions points


Since its inception, NSTOP officers have formed part of the management cadre of the polio program, through their membership in the polio eradication emergency operation centers (EOCs) at both national and state levels. At the operational level, NSTOP officers have supported the planning, implementation, supervision, and monitoring of polio and non-polio SIAs in several states across the country. Officers have also conducted surveillance assessments, outbreak response, The program has successfully enhanced Global Polio Eradication Initiative partnerships and outreach in Nigeria, providing an accessible, flexible, and culturally competent technical workforce at the front lines of public health